Spring 2020

Struan Teague's painting exhibition, Paul Philp's stoneware vessels, monumental vessels by Pierre Culot, ceramic artwork by Shiro Tsujimura, Jérôme Hirson, Keiji Tsuruno... and more. 

Winter 2019-2020

Our winter exhibition "Earth, ink, bamboo" featured a major ink painting and ceramics by Shiro Tsujimura, calligraphy works, antique and contemporary Japanese bamboo work, and a selection of ceramic work including monumental pieces by Pierre Culot. 

October 2019 - Jane Bustin exhibition

We were privileged to host the first solo exhibition by British artist Jane Bustin in Paris, featuring her paintings and for the first time an important series of tea bowls. 

September 2019 - Yoshinori Yano exhibition

We were privileged to present the first exhibition of Japanese wood artist Yoshinori Yano in Paris, featuring objects and sculptures.

Spring - Summer 2019 - Keiji Tsuruno exhibition

First solo exhibition of Japanese ceramicist Keiji Tsuruno in Paris

Winter 2018 - 2019

The gallery moved to a new location in the Marais district in Paris. The opening exhibition featured monumental tsubo pieces by Japanese ceramicist Kazunori Hamana, ceramics by Shiro Tsujimura, Emmanuel Alexia and Laetitia Pineda, artworks by Kyojiro Kito and a selection of Japanese antiques.