Suna Imre

Suna is of British and Turkish heritage and resides in the UK. Before moving into fine art and
ceramics, she spent 15 years creating dance installation, performance and film. Specialising in
improvisation, her works were rooted in spontaneous composition – the work continuously
unfolding into the present moment. Working in clay and ink has been a natural evolution – the
tactility, immediacy and spontaneity of the materials resonating with her background in
improvisation and dance.

Whilst the first chapter of her life was rooted in finding expression and presence through
movement, the second chapter has been about allowing more stillness and silence in her life
through a growing interest and commitment to Zen and meditation practice. This has brought
clarity to her arts practice and has led her to create objects that, for varying lengths of time,
exist in the world – a departure from the ephemeral, transient nature of dance. The natural
world, and her relationship to it, remains her constant focus.