Masahiko Yamamoto

Masahiko Yamamoto’s ceramic work begins with digging, sourcing and collecting clay from all over Japan. He says of the material: “it’s not a matter of clay from here or there being good or bad as every place has its own character, its own unique qualities.” His process involves experimentation, learning about each type of clay and the best way to form and fire each type. He uses several types of kilns, electric, wood-fired, and a kerosene kiln that can be supplemented with wood and that he particularly likes. “With the electric kiln, I’m in control”, he says, “but I cannot go beyond myself. The kerosene kiln is more unpredictable, it allows me to go beyond my intention and thoughts.”

Masahiko has a playful approach to clay and an eclectic inspiration; he believes in experimentation and in the infinite potential of ceramics. He is influenced by a mix of different cultures, including India and Southeast Asia. His works, whilst rooted in Japanese pottery, have a bold and unique character.

“My ceramics are not always the same but they look different from the various points of view; they enlarge, shrink, combine and get separated. I believe in experimenting with infinite possibilities”.